Mailbox Replacement Update

We have a contract in place with a company to update the mailboxes throughout the neighborhood.  They will be replacing the actual box with a slightly larger one, adding additional support for the box, providing new numbers on both sides, painting the pole and adding concrete to those that are loose in the ground.  They plan to begin around August 1st and estimate about 6 weeks to complete the entire neighborhood.

If you have plants around your mailbox post they may pull them aside to paint the pole.  They will be as gentle as possible.

If anyone would like to see what the end product will look like feel free to drive to the south end of Rainy Pass.  We have completed one that was in desperate need of repair with the new box, numbers and paint.

We won’t know which street they are doing when so please understand that they will most likely just show up and do the work without any notice.

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