Trash Cans

Don’t forget to set out trash on Tuesday evening and return your cans to their concealed location on Wednesday.  Setting trash out early can lead to items being blown around and causing the neighborhood to become cluttered.

Changing the Roof of your House?

Over the past several months, out management company has notice a lot of homeowners replacing the roof of their house. If you are planning on changing the color of the roof, do not forget to submit a color sample for approval.  For more information on how to proceed click here.

Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines

The Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee have put together a Architectural and Landscape Design Guideline to help homeowners visualize what improvements can or can not be done to the exterior of your house. Please remember to always submit an Architectural Request for Change Form (ARC Form) before making ANY changes outside your house. Feel free to leave…